In Theaters January 4 - Texas Chainsaw 3D Presents: Horror Movie Maker

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Horror Movie Maker lets YOU direct your own horror movies starring your friends!

  • Put your actors in a terrifying scene with the masked murderers from YOU'RE NEXT.
  • Give the term "Director's Cut" a whole new meaning with exclusiveTEXAS CHAINSAW 3D effects featuring the vicious LEATHERFACE.
  • Add an evil spirit exorcism scene to your director's portfolio with the incredibly realistic effect inspired by Lionsgate's THE POSSESSION.

How Photo Mode works:

  • Take a photo of a scene with friends, your room or just about anything.
  • Add characters and art inspired by YOU'RE NEXT.
  • Use the photo editing tools to resize, mask, tweak the contrast and even add transparency to the photo effect.
  • Choose a horror movie inspired filter as a finishing touch.
  • Share your chilling pictures through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.

How Movie Maker works:

  • Choose a signature horror movie scene.
  • Use the on-screen guide to correctly set up the scene.
  • Use the on-screen timer to cue up your friends.
  • Choose a horror movie inspired filter as a finishing touch.
  • Watch the horror unfold then share your masterpiece through Facebook, YouTube, Email and Camera Roll.


  • Photo mode with exclusive masked killers and art from YOU'RE NEXT
  • Fully optimized for iPhone 5 16:9 widescreen & Retina displays
  • 5 Free, incredibly realistic Horror Movie effects in full HD
  • 2 Stylistic filters to add to your movie: Psychopath & Massacre Classic
  • Easy Sharing: Facebook, YouTube, Email & Camera Roll

About the film:

One of the smartest and most terrifying films in years, YOU'RE NEXT reinvents the genre by putting a fresh twist on home-invasion horror. When a gang of masked, ax-wielding murderers descend upon the Davison family reunion, the hapless victims seem trapped...until an unlikely guest of the family proves to be the most talented killer of all.

A Lionsgate and Snoot Films presentation in association with Hanway Films.

Minimum Specs:

  • iOS 6
  • iPhone 4, 4S or 5 for best performance
  • iPod Touch 4th or 5th Gen

Also compatible with:

  • iPad 2, 3, 4 or Mini (2x mode)

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